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July 27, 2014 8:32 am
"This isn’t the real me, yet it is. There’s different versions of me, and they’re all the real me. And you know what? That kills me. It’s too confusing. I’m not one person. I’ve got a twenty-something body, eight-year old heart, eighteen-year old mind, and eighty-year old soul."

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"I didn’t get over it, but I got used to it."

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an octopus is just a wet spider


are you calling me a spider

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July 20, 2014 5:22 am


Gaza, 17 July 2014 (by Saaed Rafiq Al Madhoun, CARE International Programme Officer)

My boy is only three years old. He feels stressed and depressed and last night after hearing the explosions he said to my wife, “I feel that I will die”.

He is only three-years old. It makes us so sad. It was such a terrible surprise to hear him say this, we feel very bad.

He says he is feeling sick, at the noise of the explosions. He is crying at night and cannot sleep, so my wife and I try to massage him to calm him down.

My wife is very afraid for the children. She is able to feed my five-month old baby but it is stressful.

We feel that there is no safe place – any movement outside and you could be targeted. If I go to my brother’s house, are we any safer there?

The water gets cut off when there is no electricity. I’m trying to keep reserves of water – we need to be able to sterilise things for the baby when we can.

I left the home to do some shopping during the ceasefire, to get some basics for my kids. We have just a short period of time before it starts again. It was very crowded in the streets because of the limited time. The prices were normal but there was not very much available.

I also went to check on the CARE office to see that it was OK. I want to go back to work to help support all of the vulnerable people. I am more than happy to do this but it is difficult because we cannot move without being targeted.

If this situation continues like now it will be a real crisis. We don’t know when it will finish. I am really hoping for a long-term ceasefire and that it will calm down.

It’s hard for my family, for my friends and colleagues, for all Gazans to live in this crisis. We just hope it will end soon. In six years there have been three wars.

It’s difficult for all of us, but especially the children.

I ask the world, and all of the humanitarian community, to try to make a ceasefire that will last for years not hours. We ask that the violence stops. We cannot continue living in this situation, but we also cannot leave Gaza.

We ask the world to make it stop and do their best for the people of Gaza. It is enough now.

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Don’t date men who disrespect women, doesn’t matter if he’s nice to you. If he’s constantly disrespecting other women, nah.

If he’s constantly disrespecting other women, he’ll get around to you sooner or later.

And this is nothing but the truth

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"Oh god some day I promise I’ll stop thinking about you"

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These are absolutely wonderful


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"I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself."
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Black Hole bending light.

this is fucking terrifying



Black Hole bending light.

this is fucking terrifying

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fun prank: teach girls from an early age that their entire worth lays in how pretty they are, then make fun of them for being “”“superficial”“”

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